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Thread: Everything Free Pilot Program Comes to an End

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    Exclamation Everything Free Pilot Program Comes to an End

    Well Holo Everyone:

    My name is Carly Grace Fleischmann and I am the founder of SiriHosting. The original vision of SiriHosting was and still is to provide high performance web hosting at affordable prices so anyone regardless of their budget can host a website if thatís what they want to do. Since 2017 myself and my two high school best friends have been providing this service and loving the results. For the most part, weíve been giving all services away for free as a pilot program, and that pilot has proven extremely successful. Current customers will not experience any change in their billing (so those who got in on the ground floor with free services that would normally be billable, you keep your current plan at free of cost for as long as you want it and free of cost hosting packages will remain free). However, with the launch of our brand new support community and my renewed dedication to supporting our customers and bringing a higher standard of hosting excellence to everyone, all new customers who do not meet the requirements for public discount programs (those listed on our discounts page) or for custom discounts (those custom discounts we gave on a case by case basis to special projects) and do not want to use the free plans we offer will have to pay for the appropriate service levels.

    While I deeply regret ending the free pilot program, itís something that I feel must be done in order to keep the high quality of services going for everyone, even our free clients. Free plans will remain free and without advertisements on client websites and thatís a promise Iíll personally take responsibility for.
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